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Maha Ashram Búzios is conducted by Prema and Abhishek, its creators and founders, along with a team of meditators, friends and people with the same dream, the same ideal. A living ideal of bringing meditation into the daily lives of thousands of people.

Abhishek lived for 3 years in India from 2004 to 2007, where he meditated, traveled to various regions and Ashrams and learned deep techniques for human transformation. He then traveled several years back to India until he met his Indian master Atma Nambi. This great and affectionate enlightened person from South India, in 2014. That's when he revived the certainty and called it to have an Ashram in Brazil, a dream he had cherished since 2007, to bring the experiences lived in the East to people in the West without having to travel so far away.

In the same year, he met the one who would be his companion and partner in the realization of this dream, Prema ji, and they got married in 2017 at Praia das Caravelas.

Maha Ashram Búzios was inaugurated on April 17, 2016 with the help of many participants and friends.

Focused on retreats, courses and simple and cozy accommodation, with the intention of bringing the experience of silence and meditation with a simple stay in the place. Also experiencing techniques created by Atma Nambi and other masters who were part of Prema and Abhishek's journey.

Activities & Services

spiritual retreats

Vegetarian and Vegan Food


fire ritual

Advanced Meditation Practices and Techniques


Partnership with Buzios Espiritualidade Eco Resort Caravelas and its daily activities such as Yoga, Walk through the forest on the beaches and daily meditation in the Oratory of Praia das Caravelas.