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Sacred Nutrition through the Subtlety of Food

Gastronomy for new times

A face-to-face retreat that will bring awakening to the kitchen.

In the lands of Maha Ashram Búzios, amidst fire, water, air, ether, herbs and the culinary alchemies of Mônica Bull, we are going to take a journey through the world of great transformations.

Knowing that a subtle part of food shapes the mind and establishes the quality of our thoughts and emotions, we will produce dishes that create a new look at vegetarian and vegan food.

An experience that will make nutrition a sacred act that removes us from the banality of everyday life and elevates us to the transcendence of the spirit.

An unmissable retreat for anyone who wants to:

*to prepare simple and tasty dishes

*wake up by taking a transforming dive into the alchemical universe of the kitchen

*awareness raising through nutrition and spirituality

An opportunity for guidance, to live your center, find your North!

Mônica Bull is a Naturopath and a businesswoman in the food and wellness area. In his baggage, 30 years have been dedicated to researching the alchemy of herbs and spices in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. It uses the culinary universe as a sacrament for self-knowledge, self-transformation and the consequent realization of Being.


April 30th Friday

4 pm Check in

19:00 Opening of the retreat and Welcome

20h Preparation of Broths

May 1st Saturday

7 am Yoga

8 am Bhirova Meditation

11 am Sacred Food with Atma Nambi Guruji

1pm Lunch and Tasting with Monica Bull (Amoli)

17h Herbs and Medicines with Monica Bull (Amoli)

7pm Meditation with Prema and Abhishek

20h Dinner Preparation

Day 02/05 Sunday

7 am Yoga

8 am Bhirova Meditation

11 am Sacred Food with Atma Nambi Guruji

1pm Lunch and Tasting with Monica Bull (Amoli)

15h Closing

Before signing up, read this release!

We know that we are in the middle of a big pandemic and that's why we are going to do it online and only with some in-person positions.

We believe that focusing on spirituality and raising our frequency is the key to this moment. We will also take all the health care and protocols and ask for COVID test for all who want to come in person.

The retreat will last 4 days and it is essential to prepare a week before coming, for greater protection for everyone.

We will also ask all interested parties to participate in person to fill out a form taking responsibility for their health and compliance with the protocol.

We are also going to make a monthly package including the Easter Retreat for everyone who can and wants to stay the entire month of April to maintain a forty at the Ashram in a healthy and safe way.

Packages and prices on the website below:

Thanks to everyone always! Namaste

Bocanegra Baker Co..jpg