Maha Ashram Búzios Residential Program

to live is to experience

Caravelas Beach

Rules and Regulations:

Protocol is Love!
Living in the Maha Ashram is an intense, joyful, silent and loving proposition. We know that living in an Ashram has its challenges. Living in a public place, sharing a room with new members and sharing in some way their intimacy or privacy.

Of course it has its beauty. Meeting new people connected to spirituality, aiming for growth in the same way as you and making new hiking friends is invaluable.

Learning the techniques and teachings past in the Ashram through Prema and Abhishek, the Master Atma Nambi Guruji and the new trainers and instructors trained by the Ashram is and should be the priority of being in this place and choosing to spend time here.

When you think you've absorbed enough and would like to pass it on, it means it's time to pursue new horizons or make a proposal to Maha Ashram Búzios and Prema and Abhishek to join the Ashram's team of instructors and trainers as voluntary.

The program:

The Program starts with the value of 500 reais a month, and a trial period for one month, for each participant, who can stay for a maximum of 3 months. In case of renewal after 3 months, the participant must request approval from the Maha Ashram directors.

To be part of the resident volunteer program, the applicant must devote at least 3 hours a day to Ashram tasks, such as cleaning common areas, maintenance, decoration, customer/guest service, receiving and caring for visitors and passing on the message and Ashram concepts.
The volunteer must also offer 1 to 5 weekly practices to guests and visitors, of what they are learning at the Ashram, according to the demand and need requested by the administrators.

These activities can be: Meditation, energy donation, guided walks for guests, yoga class, dance class, music class, foreign language class, and/or presentations of any type mentioned above.
Other activities may be suggested by the participant and must be approved by Prema and Abhishek.

This amount gives the right to have 01 bed in the 06-bed collective dormitory at Maha Ashram Búzios.
Use the kitchen and all the common part of the Ashram.
Enjoy its facilities, such as WI-FI internet, water and electricity.
Have access to Maha Ashram Búzios courses given by Prema and Abhishek as exchange value, to help with the retreat in whatever you need, such as donation and seva (volunteer service).
For training courses such as deeksha, for the first training the resident of the program will pay 50% of the training fee.
The year-end courses taught by our master Atma Nambi will only be allowed the participation of the resident of the program through the seva (Volunteer service) to help with the retreat in whatever way necessary and requested by the retreat organization. Being able to participate in free time, the content of the retreat, with prior authorization from the organizers and Prema and Abhishek.
To complete the year-end retreat, the program participant will pay 50% of the course fee as a resident.

What's not right:

Food is not included.
Personal expenses are not included.
Medical expenses are not included
And the Ashram is not responsible for personal injury.

We believe that spending time at the Ashram can be critical to your personal and spiritual growth. A lasting and transformative change in your life that will bear many fruits.

If you feel that call, this program is for you. We look forward to hearing from you.


Prema and Abhishek