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Awakening at the Campo Grande-MS Unit (2)

Awakening of Unity Course - Training in Meditation and Deeksha
Awakening at the Campo Grande-MS Unit (2)

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Nov 05, 7:00 PM – Nov 07, 8:00 PM
Tiradentes, R. Do Nilo, 55 - Tiradentes, Campo Grande - MS, 79042-031, Brazil

Sobre o evento

Awakening of Oneness Course Created and perfected by Amma Bhagavan the Awakening of Oneness Course with Deeksha initiation is a compilation of the very best amidst the wisdom of India and wise Yogis.

Since 1989, Oneness University, in South India, has been developing courses and processes of spiritual deepening for the mass Awakening of Humanity.

AmmaBhagavan We are living and going through an intense moment of humanity and of a change in the level of consciousness, personal and collective, more than ever it is necessary to understand and connect with the source, cease our conflicts and discover who we are.

For each one this answer is different, there is not an intellectual answer but an experience, an experience that can really change your perception and your state of life. Bringing you to enjoy a state of grace for no apparent reason, for no reason. This is the real Awakening. Living in your own essence, your own integrity and inner truth.

The Course will be guided by Prema and Abhishek, founders of Maha Ashram Búzios and their collaborators and associates. PREMA AND ABHISHEK

The Golden Orb of Supreme Light - Divine Consciousness of Sri Amma Bhagavan.

The Oneness Deeksha Phenomenon originates from the emergence of the "Golden Orb of Divine Grace" - a mystical Golden Orb of Supreme Light, in which Sri Amma Bhagavam imbued his Divine Consciousness, from early childhood, through a esoteric process.

In July 1989, this Golden Ball of Divine Grace descended on many boys from the Jevashram School, founded by Sri Amma Bhagavan. With this descent from the Golden Orb, these boys were transported to deep mystical states of consciousness and experienced a profound transformation, thus announcing the birth of the PHENOMENON that Sri Amma Bhagavan had been waiting for for four decades.

The Golden Orb of Divine Grace – Supreme Light, embodies the Divine intent of Sri Amma Bhagavan, invoked “to make man unconditionally free,” and it is this intent that empowers Oneness Deeksha throughout the world. The Oneness Deeksha Blessing is essentially a process of facilitating the descent of this Supreme Light, which naturally activates a neurobiological process in the recipient's brain, culminating in Spiritual Awakening.

In addition, it also naturally activates the seven energy centers (Chakras) in the subtle body and the latent energy (Kundalini), which forms the basis of all forms of transformation in life, both mundane and spiritual. About Deeksha Deeksha is a subtle and Divine energy that gradually promotes a neurocerebral activation, awakening inactive or dormant points, qualities and talents in us.

Deeksha works on an energetic frequency of the enlightened masters, putting you in the same meditative state as the great yogis, providing you with a meditative experience that would only be found with years of practice. Created and channeled to the planet with the sole intention of awakening our energy points, which we call chakras and raising our vital energy, thus promoting an energy field conducive to the state of enlightenment or self-realization.

Being a giver of this energy called Deeksha makes you a precursor to this new awakening, promoting, creating and helping many more people to feel this well-being, this state of grace and bliss. A state of Unity.

The state of Oneness. Course Format For two and a half days we will be immersed together in a beautiful place called Maha Ashram Búzios, created to promote this well-being, following in the footsteps of India, Amma Bhagavan and our Master Atma Nambi Guruji.

Together we will do introspections, experiences and profound techniques of active and passive meditation. Touching unnoticed points in us and healing old traumas that limit us to a magical experience of human existence.

With an incredible content from a handout created by Oneness University, we will move between theory and practice, teachings and experiences, silence and movement. All composed in sequence for an unforgettable and transformative weekend. At the end, Sunday afternoon, we have the initiation, where course participants receive the energy of Deeksha, thus becoming a Deeksha Giver, Giver of Deeksha.

What have we learned?

You will learn techniques that will help you to reduce the flow of thoughts, making room for you to enjoy the present moment more and the state of oneness with yourself, with others and with the environment around you.

And you can also become a GIVER OF DEEKSHA (Divine Energy transmitted in the crown chakra), a divine energy that enables you to be a facilitator of meditation and allow others to experience a meditative state, contemplative and a state of grace.

Date: July 2, 3 and 4, 2021 Hours: Friday: from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Saturday: from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Sunday: from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm

Come spend this weekend with us!

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