Maha Ashram Farm

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Maha Ashram Farm is a new proposal from Ashram. A new concept that combines spirituality and well-being, beauty and simplicity.

In a Rustic House of the old Porto Velho Farm, being cared for, and little by little, renovated to receive this spirituality, such as courses, festivals and retreats.

The environment and the house have been physically and energetically prepared, so that each person who arrives has an experience of peace, love and lightness.

With two meditation rooms, swimming pool, sauna, two decks and its 13 suites (each in a very simple way like an Ashram), they are available to visitors and guests who arrive here.

Events happen sporadically and we have yet to fully activate the venue.

We count on your help, your visit and your suggestions so that we can make this dream a reality.

The Maha Ashram Fazenda is an extension of the Maha Ashram Praia das Caravelas, our first Ashram.

In partnership with the Cunha Bueno Family, the owners of the Farm, we want to welcome you to this new experience. An Ashram Farm! namaste

A place that promotes transformation through meditation